Our Services

adam with kids at orphanage

We provide the highest quality in:

  • Assessing group and individual objectives and needs
  • Validating the legitimacy of the cause or project
  • Providing quality and safety before and during the trip
  • Creating an itinerary filled with meaning, adventure and fun
  • Coordinating flights, accommodations, insurance, and special needs
  • Preparing and managing expectations prior to the trip

Our Three-Part Travel System

  1. Pre-Trip. Provide  monthly activities to learn about taking care of our world and helping those who are less fortunate.
  2. Trip. Focus on philanthropic values.  During travel, visit and contribute in person to select social and economic development programs. These solution-oriented projects are unique to each region’s challenges and range from schools and libraries, to clean water, micro-loan, animal conservation and artisan programs.
  3. Post-Trip. Provide follow up information so they can update and nurture the connection.

Types of Travel

Philanthropic travel occurs when a philanthropist visits a possible recipient. The philanthropist is not volunteering his or her service, but establishing trust for himself and the recipient organization so that a donation can be made. These types of trips can take many forms, often featuring luxury accommodations, local gourmet food, fine wines, private guides for privileged events or ceremonies, and hands-on opportunities to dive deeper into the native culture.

Philanthropic mission trips are often organized by a foundation to get to know the recipient better, establish an ongoing relationship or further a donor’s knowledge about a particular issue or part of the world.

Volunteer vacations are where you spend your time helping a community or cause by working on a project such as rebuilding homes in New Orleans or building libraries in Honduras.

Voluntourism trips are a hybrid of a volunteer vacation and a vacation. It usually encompasses vacation travel with a component of service work. For example, during a trip to South Africa we arranged a day for participants to take care of the young children so their sick parent could get medical attention.