Caring Generations

Our premier program is called Caring Generations.  This unique program is aimed at multi-generational connection through volunteerism and philanthropy.  We help you design and implement events and trips that bring people together across generations to instill important values around doing good and improving the world.

We start by working with your family or organization to determine core values and interest areas. Through our assessment tools, we understand the different needs of participants.  Then we work with you to develop an event or a trip that through activities promotes interaction and connection.

For companies, these adventures are intrumental in building teams and management abilities that cross Generations X,Y, the Milleniums and Baby Boomers.  Improved interaction and communication helps remove incorrect assumptions that often  result in conflict and inefficiencies.

For membership and faith-based organizations,  these programs bring together people as a community to better fulfill their mission.

For educational institutions. students, parents, teachers and administrators forge important bonds that promote an improved  learning environment.

The primary benefit for everyone is caring for each other by caring for others.

Check our travel pages for upcoming family trips, including a family camp week in Malibu Dec. 20-26th.