Events & Day Trips

We have designed and implemented team building events for companies of all sizes from small law firms to large conglomerates such as Nestle Foods. We are also using this method to help generations bond in new ways whether it be through family businesses and foundations or at private schools. Sometimes, these events are used to help prepare groups for more extensive volunteer trips or philanthropic missions.

Designed as half day or full day activities, these events with a philanthropic twist are all created with the following in event ple climbing

  • Teach team building in a new unique way
  • Stimulate creative thought processes
  • Promote cooperation versus competition
  • Demonstrate individual effect on the larger whole
  • Share values and thoughts about what is important
  • Encourage clear communication
  • Develop listening and expressing skills
  • Inspire community involvement
  • Define common ground between participants
  • Have fun—reduce stress.

Consider some of the following ideas next time you plan an event:

Build A Bike: Assemble bikes for underprivileged children in the community or to send to countries where a bike can provide an opportunity for someone to get to the city for a job.
Create a Buzz: Assemble and decorate a functional beehive donated to a local charity to be part of a working, honey producing business endeavor.
Build a Clinic: Help build and supply health clinics in Native American Indian reservations.

Rebuild New Orleans: Cook for the homeless, rebuild centers or plant new trees while working hand in hand with those who are benefiting from your efforts

Building Projects in DC: Help tackle serious home repairs for lower-income families in our community, many of whom are elderly or disabled. We  provide site selection and site preparation for each project in Washington, DC and works with other organizations  for projects located in Montgomery County, Northern Virginia and Howard County.

Ramp it Up: Build and design ramps for homes for people who are in wheelchairs.

Carnival of Dreams: Family works together to design a carnival experience for a group of handicapped children or adults.

Toy Workshop: Assemble toys for sick children or children who don’t have toys in another country