Event-Based Fundraising

teamtaverna take a ride

Taverna-Ford Family Ride together to find a cure!

We have over 20 years experience working with membership
organizations engaging members or clients to give more, buy more,
learn more or connect more through meaningful events and travel.

Working with businesses, communities, non-profits and organizations, we are experts in the art and science of engagement marketing — connecting individuals to a brand or cause through participation,  sharing and interaction. We are experts in event management for fundraising based events such as walk-a-thons or bike rides, we also have the best fundraising ideas for college.  We can handle a portion of the event or everything from start to finish. Our goal, like yours, is to raise the money necessary to help your cause.

Among our services are:

Board / Committee Management
Define roles and expectations

Volunteer Administration & Engagement

Oversee staffing & committee’s work

Administration and Support
Create timeline

Oversee budget

Develop and administer registration  process and materials

Follow up on committee’s contacts and in kind donations

Program Logistics

Over 1 million raised in 3 years!


Negotiate and oversee contracts with venue, food, entertainment

Design program itinerary or routethat takes into account safety,
terrain, scenery, medical facilities, water access, and county

Request and obtain permits

Oversee signage and supplies

Marketing and Recruiting

Create and manage marketing/PR plan and materials for event
participant recruitment

Create and manage marketing plan and materials for event

Create and manage marketing plan and materials for sponsorship
and in-kind donations.