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Interactive and Learning Websites

Free Rice

Take the quiz, and for each answer you get right, they  donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.  Great for kids to learn.


Take challenges,  see the impact and  team with others to save energy and reduce global warming.

Room to Read
Room to Read has developed four programs to promote and enable global education, including:
•    Reading Room Program – establishes bilingual libraries filled with local language and children’s books, posters, maps and games that engage children in reading.
•    Local Language Publishing Programme – works with local writers and illustrators to create and publish high-quality local language children’s books for Room to Read libraries.
•    Girls’ Education Program – funds long-term, holistic scholarships for underprivileged girls to ensure their ability to complete secondary school.
•    School Room Program – partners with villages to build new schools, replace dilapidated structures, or expand schools to alleviate overcrowded classrooms.

International Volunteer Network of Chicago

International Volunteer Network of Chicago in November of 2009 to stimulate networking and volunteer opportunities in and between Chicago’s business community and its large international diplomatic community.