We select facilitators who are strong and personable. Our facilitators love to laugh, but most importantly, they listen.

Our facilitators believe that experience is one of the greatest teachers. We open the eyes of many people by creating experiences and opportunities.

When leading a group, we work in conjunction with the guide of the local on inca trailcountry and have daily recaps so that we share important information and can plan accordingly. We consider the local guides as partners and enjoy the collaboration and sharing of native ideas.

The role of our facilitators  is to make sure that everything goes according to plan and to serve as a problem solver if something need adjusting. The other role is to keep the enthusiasm going for each activity. Each day we offer anecdotes, stories, maps or text of information about the day ahead to pique curiosity.

One of the most important roles as a facilitator is reading group behavior and intervening as necessary. If we see participants bored during scheduled downtime, we add more structure and activities. If  we see a wide difference of interest among participants,  we create options.