Who Can Benefit

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We work directly  with financial institutions, foundations, private schools and membership organizations to reach groups who want to create meaningful trips and events with strong philanthropic and volunteer components.  These organizations not only satisfy a desire of their clients and members, but they also engage in lasting and authentic ways that build loyalty.

In addition to travel, we organize day and half day events, provide consulting services, serve as event and travel facilitators and help organizations assess the needs of their clients and members.

While we believe that our programs are a wonderful tool to connect people to an organization, business or eachother, our ultimate goal is to use this tool to engage others our children in improving the quality of life  for those in need now as well as making the world a better place through awareness of issues on the environment or  diversity, for future generations.

Financial Institutions:

Wealth Managers
Financial Advisors
Private Bankers
Financial Managers
Family Office Consultants/Advisors

Educational Institutions

Private Schools
Home School Communities
Student Service Learning Programs


Family Foundations
Large Corporation’s Foundation Arm

Membership Organizations

Women’s Groups
Religious or Faith-based institutions
Giving Circles
Youth Groups