Educational Institutions

Do Good Adventures™ works closely with educators—from private schools to peru villaghome school organizations. We offer “adventures in doing good” that allows the “duty” of  community service hours come to life and have real meaning.

Through our Caring Generations™ program, we provide an opportunity for schools to develop a loyalty with students and their  families by doing something that brings them together in a unique way.

Our school trips often  involve cultural activities that bring children, parents  and even grandchildren together to make their travels more meaningful, such as visiting a village in Peru or Africa and learning about their culture and family life  while also bringing shoes, toothbrushes or school supplies. Children will have opportunities for play and daily life exchanges and make meaningful connections.

Or trips can include service learning projects such as helping a conservation project, plant trees, or build protective huts- that builds character and empowers young people to “do good” in their community, the nation and the world.

Both types will include pre-meetings to review location, situation, language. As well as follow up assistance to maintain the connection formed so that philanthropic endeavors are reinforced and there is a tie for the family to connect and revisit their assistance.

Our educational advisors work with your school or youth group to ensure that our program’s message meets the development and the interests of the students.  Knowing that children relate and want to help other children in need, we incorporate projects where children get to meet other children.

Here are some examples of programs we put together.

Global Issues: Children will be introduced to parts of the globe they may know little about, explore their curiosity about new places and work with their parents to figure out what they can do to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Money: Children will gain an understanding of philanthropy as a concept and how it relates to money and community.

Tolerance: Learning about others and gaining understanding fosters  acceptance of others.