We assist private, corporate and family foundations plan and execute travel and events designed to bring people together. For example, sometimes foundations use our services when they want to plan a philanthropic mission to view how their resources are being used or determine who they shouldbedouin music fund.  Other times foundations find our services helpful in designing an event that allows a foundation to craft a new mission statement or plan of action.  Our activities bond people together so that other work can be done in a more cohesive and positive manner.

Family foundations have found “adventures in doing good” to be very positive. Mixing philanthropy with vacations is one of the most effective ways we have seen of forging stronger bonds because everyone is working together toward a common goal that will benefit someone else.

For example, we had a grandmother who wanted to take all her kids and their kids (and even some in-laws) on a family vacation to have quality time together. Her main issue was she wanted to create harmony among the family members so that when she was gone, there would be agreement over the family foundation. She was hesitant about doing a family trip where the different personalities might be odds with one another and detract from the joy of the family vacation. Then her goal would have been for naught. But having a common objective of doing good brought everyone to a common ground as they worked together to help orphans who lost their parents to HIV.