Our Commitment

Experience is not what happens to a man;  it is what a man does with what happens to him. – Aldous Huxley

We believe that traveling with respect earns respect. We are committed to doing our best to be socially and environmentally responsible —  from the bow and arrowmaterials that we use  to how we set up  travel. We take care to explore the projects that we work on and make sure that the benefit of our work is going to have a positive impact. We teach and prepare our participants so they can be responsible travelers as well.

Our commitment  is to create an experience that is not a one-time isolated event, but one that touches people in so they can  find a role for themselves in doing good and giving back.  In order to do that we assess the  nature of the people involved and inform and educate people from step a to step z so they can explore from a comfortable foundation that is not threatening.  In order to ensure that there is a continuation,  we keep the experience alive through post event/trip follow up.