Our Difference

Three  main differences that set us apart from others offering volunteer service projects or philanthropic travel:

Customization. Through our pre-trip assessments and conversations,  we take the time to discover what experience would make the most impact.  By understanding our client’s goal as well as what resonates with them, we create the experience that they will most likely learn the most from.

Guided facilitation. People learn by doing and with our skilled facilitators we can guide a fun event or trip and help transfer the experience into how it applies in other areas. An experiential educator’s role is to organize and facilitate direct experiences of phenomenon under the assumption that this will lead to genuine (meaningful and long-lasting) learning.  This often also requires preparatory and reflective exercises. teaching

Multi-generational. We believe that travel and events can have a very powerful and long-lasting impact when they involve multi-generations. We are experts are combining different generational  needs and values whether they are within a family, group or work environment.  The result is new-founded respect for each other.